Recap 8/13/2018

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0.13 – Peter Strzok fired; Real story behind protests over the weekend; Omarosa Manigault


  • Sound clip: Jim Jordan saying – Peter Strzok fired and many other very high up people involved with the Clinton and the Russia investigation fired
  • Over the weekend Antifa rally caused major disruption
  • Mueller probe has brought charges against 17 Russians, Flynn, Manafort, Papadoupolous, etc. All these people are used as evidence that there was actual wrongdoing. However, the FBI has not come out of this looking good. [ed: Plus so far no American has been indicted for anything involving the election]
  • More people that would have been fired, Brennan, Clapper. Others were demoted.
  • Scary that they really seem to believe they were in the right to try to overthrow the election
  • FBI tried to throw the election for Hillary, then had to try to justify what they did
  • Bruce Ohr was the #4 guy at the DOJ and was heavily involved with Steele. After Steele was fired, he fought to bring him back.
  • Media seems to have dropped the Trump Tower thing because there’s no way to call that meeting illegal unless Hillary’s use of Steele was also illegal. [ed: and actually had real results]
  • Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS which just is the icing on the cake.
  • All the Hillary folks left at State who were literally crying at Trump’s election were and are in a position to do serious damage to the Trump administration through their access to classified.
  • It would be interesting to see whether the state department was involved with the creation of the dossier


  • Peter Strzok now has a goFundMe page to get some money to “cover his legal bills” and already has an anti-Trump twitter account
  • Democrats take care of their own if you get tied up while trying to do their dirty work


  • Sound clip: Antifa protesters chanting No borders, no walls, no USA at all, and some guy screaming nasty stuff at cops.
  • Washington Post slide show of the protest, none of them show the anti-America signs that were all over. “Overthrow the government”, “All cops are racist”, etc.
  • Thousands of antifa people against the 25 white nationalists
  • Giving a wildly outsized voice to a tiny tiny group
  • Media likes to do this with these crazy fringe figures that have no influence that no one would ever even hear of if the media didn’t go out of their way to find someone.
  • Reporters were attacked by Antifa, no one reports on this at all.
  • Obviously the media is trying to present the news in such a way that makes it seem like the crazies are on the right.
  • Sound clip: Antifa people attacked reporters, calling them snitches.


  • Sound clip: All cops are racist chant, people screaming curses at cops


  • Sound clip: Anti-hate protester interview by Benny Johnson, people saying they wanted to murder and torture Trump and his family
  • Interview: Benny Johnson
  • These people are actually fascist in any sense that’s meaningful
  • Even historically anti-Nazis were often totalitarian and just as violent
  • Some of the Antifa folks have helmets, masks, military equipment, bats or batons
  • Secret Service is apparently investigating the threats against the president
  • Left is pushing other stuff and ignoring the protests to avoid showing how disturbing the left is getting.


  • Sound clip: Media saying that Nunez and the Republicans are allowing Russia to do whatever they want.
  • Constantly mentioning “Russian interference” is a propaganda tool because it is designed to imply that the election is somehow tainted.
  • Sound clip: Trump saying that if we have to fight, we will win
  • Trump is supportive of the military and of American leadership. This doesn’t make anyone think that he is in the pocket of Russia.


  • Sound clip: Omarosa recording of John Kelly saying that if she can leave in a friendly way that there won’t be any damage to her reputation.
  • Buck calling out Omarosa’s hiring as a tactical error.
  • John Kelly’s comments were not a threat, it was just offering her a way to save face.
  • One of Trump’s weaknesses is that he seems to be too quick to give people a second chance.
  • She claims that Trump was using racial slurs. Buck absolutely rejects that.
  • To claim that Trump could have possibly used a slur about her is wildly dishonest because there’s no way to falsify “possibly”
  • To somehow call her a “low-life” is obviously not racial in nature and has nothing to do with Charlottesville.


  • Sound clip: Omarosa claiming that she has heard Trump say racial slurs on tape. Apparently her book doesn’t say that she has heard it.
  • Also funny that these innocuous sound bites are all she was able to get
  • Sound clip: Trump saying he didn’t know that Omarosa was getting fired
  • Omarosa saying that Trump is not mentally all there
  • Now she is apologizing for being involved, as she sells a book ripping Trump apart


  • Sound clip: Facebook trying to get information from your banks
  • Using the internet has allowed large tech companies to do espionage and surveillance on an unprecedented scale
  • Barron’s article on this (article)
  • WSJ article


  • Sound clip: Bill DeBlasio saying that Fox News caused all the division in the country, claims that in the early nineties there was a lot of racial propaganda about so-called crime in New York
  • Buck points out that there really was a serious crime wave
  • Sound clip: Fox News created Donald Trump and stirred up all the racial controversy, and should be called out for a political agenda
  • Bogus to watch these liberal media folks saying that they support a free press while they are trying to tear down any opposition voices.


  • Chart showing microaggressions vs SJW talk (link)

1.39.47 – Roll Call

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