Recap 08/07/2018

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1.14 – Summary: Fake News on how Trump Tower meeting was “illegal”; Ohio Special Election


  • New flood of media about the Trump Tower meeting, running anonymous sources saying Trump is “nervous” about it.
  • This seems like the Mueller is doing a huge IRS audit, since he has obviously failed to find anything involving collusion.
  • Sound clip: Ross Garber saying that information can’t be called a thing of value. And how the same thing would have to be applied to Hillary’s dossier.
  • Americans seem to think that the press has special freedom of speech rights, and that you have to be a lawyer to understand the law.
  • Laws used to be meant to be understood by clear-thinking average people. How can we be bound by criminal statutes we can’t understand?
  • Part of the Trump revolution is resisting the idea that we need elite people to explain the law and sort through things for us.
  • Bear in mind that Vladimir Putin gave Trump advice in Helsinki. Is that a thing of value?
  • Same people who are claiming that Trump is undermining Democracy, who now want to stretch the law into ridiculousness to capture him with anything they can make stick, also wanted to stretch the law to ridiculous levels of leniency to let Hillary off the hook.


  • Call: Bill recommends that you do a background check on yourself to see what the government has on you.
  • Manafort has a former intern testifying against him by the name of Rick Gates


  • All media eyes are on the Manafort trial.
  • Gates has testified that he helped Manafort commit tax fraud.
  • Jonathan Turley also says that any collusion would have to apply to Hillary’s dossier also (article)
  • Devin Nunes says that the unredacted FISA warrant is truly damning
  • Hopefully Trump will release this in advance of the midterms
  • Call: Bart talking about how the protesters are socialists, and this is a foreign ideology. Immigrants tend to come from socialist countries, and therefore are more likely to vote for Democratic policies. Also reflected on his life in Poland under communism where there was dental work without anesthesia and toilet paper and butter lines.


  • Sound clip: Campus Reform on how no one can explain what the First Amendment is. These are Columbia University students.
  • Important that we allow unpopular and even bad speech, because the consensus doesn’t need to be protected. [ed: Many times in history the right thing was the thing everyone didn’t want to hear.]
  • Call: Patrick hoping Republicans can have some success in CA from the wildfires by pointing out supposed Democrat failures of policy.


  • More banning from various social media outlets.
  • Media complaining about Trump’s “assault on free speech” because he’s pushing back on their fake news, don’t seem to care about actual censorship.
  • Lots of supposed Christians speaking out in favor of abortion because it’s somehow more important to deal with climate change. Very frustrating to hear.
  • The claims that Jesus was in support of the poor and therefore a socialist are total nonsense.
  • CNN article comparing journalists to soldiers in protecting democracy (link)
  • Just because something is voted on doesn’t mean that its morally defensible. Same thing with the press. Just because free speech can be good doesn’t rubber stamp everything every journalist says.
  • They don’t seem to take the same tack with Alex Jones
  • The important thing is protecting OUR free speech. If they could they would shut down every conservative voice. They have tried and had some success in doing that and they do it in the name of protecting democracy.
  • They are literally trying to stop free speech because supposedly telling people that they are liars is a threat to them. Meanwhile conservatives are *actually* under assault.


  • John Solomon showing that the DOJ helped Fusion GPS gather intelligence on Trump (article)


  • Vox tweet says that black women get paid much less than white men because of racism and sexism.
  • Of course Asians actually do the best statistically and the reason no one mentions this because it would disprove their narrative.
  • If it were white oppression keeping minorities down, how do Asians overcome and actually beat the white oppressors?
  • This is the bad part about identity politics anyway is that it takes away the idea of individual agency and responsibility.


  • Sound clip: Trump on Ohio special election. Someone commenting that people are worried about Medicare and Social Security
  • Interview: Salena Zito (book – The Great Revolt)
  • The Democrats ran a moderate Democrat who promised to support Trump if it was a good idea. But Republicans picked a good candidate as well.
  • Salena says that the Republicans will probably win this one.
  • Supposedly this election was supposed to be a referendum on Trump, but the Democrats are only getting close in some of these areas by running Republican-lite candidates.
  • What are independents worried about? Seems like healthcare is a big one.
  • Salena says that even though Republicans haven’t done much on healthcare, the voters don’t seem to trust Democrats to try again after Obamacare screwing things up so badly.


  • Worst wildfires in CA history happening now.
  • Trump blames wildfires are due to bad environmental policy. Adam Schiff says it is climate change.
  • There are a record number of dead trees, which are fueling the fires and making it hard to traverse to where you need to fight the fires. Government hasn’t been clearing them out.
  • Environmentalists protecting a fish divert water sources to the ocean.
  • And in reality human beings are generally the starters of forest fires.
  • Back in Prussia they tried scientific foresting, a disease sprung up in the tree that they had planted and it destroyed huge swaths of forest.
  • Still tried all over the place because people think they could do it right this time.


  • Sound clip: Hail storm in Colorado forced a zoo to close. CNN blames this on climate change.
  • Frustrating to see left wing governments fail and then refuse to take responsibility for their failures.
  • We see this in Chicago too
  • Sound Clip: Rahm Emmanuel saying that the problems in Chicago is a problem of values, which is probably true.
  • Fatherless families? Yeah that’s a likely culprit.


  • Sound clip: Rosie O’Donnell predicting that there will be a huge blue wave because nobody actually supports Trump and all the ralliers are paid extras
  • Seems more likely that no one cares what actors think about politics.
  • Sound clip: Rosie claiming that the Russians rigged the election for Trump

1.39.39 – Roll Call

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