Recap 07/26/2018

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0.13 – Summary: Some Republicans want to impeach Rosenstein, Trump having success in trade war; Left wants to rid the world of masculinity


  • Sound clip: The House wants to impeach if they can’t get cooperation, FISA warrant was wildly out of bounds, Pelosi claiming that this is all a way to distract from Russia Collusion
  • Everything Democrats don’t like is undermining our Democracy
  • Two questions, is impeachment justified and is it politically wise?
  • Impeachment is probably justified. If Trump order declassification and the DOJ refused we really don’t know what would happen. This constant refusal to bow to oversight is extremely reckless.
  • The huge bureaucracy helps them to avoid accountability. Hard to pin down exactly who it is that is slow-rolling the disclosures.
  • If Rosenstein threatened to go after members of Congress in retaliation for oversight, that definitely is worthy of impeachment.
  • No clear definition for “high crimes and misdemeanors”.
  • This all seems like it is motivated by a desire to protect the bureaucracy
  • But would it be wise to do so?
  • Trump’s resilience in the face of unprecedented attacks is pretty amazing


  • Sound clip: Dershowitz saying that it’s a short-sighted move to impeach Rosenstein because it will justify the Democrats’ reasoning for impeaching Trump
  • Buck disagrees with Dersh on why this should be avoided. Buck’s theory is that we don’t know that he would be replaced by anyone better
  • Buck’s view is that the Dems will impeach Trump no matter what, so what does it matter?
  • Historically we have impeached people for things much less serious than treason, many of which are not actually crimes.
  • No reason to fire Mueller because he doesn’t have anything


  • Facebook getting rocked left and right, largest single day loss of wealth from a stock in history
  • Twitter getting hit for shadow banning – basically sorting search results so that conservatives don’t come up as high in results
  • This is relevant because these platforms are changing media.
  • Speaking of which NY Daily News is laying off a huge chunk of their staff and going all digital.
  • Apparently journalists are calling for Fox News to get banned from Facebook


  • Sound clip: Hecklers yelling at Sean Spicer at Barnes and Noble
  • Someone destroyed Trump’s star, vandalized Betsy DeVos’s yacht
  • Hard to remember any personal attacks against Obama officials


  • Sound clip: Trump defending his timing of tariffs, argues it’s best to deal with trade problems when we’re in a position of strength; commentary on how Trump keeps doing what people tell him he can’t do
  • The naysayers are making themselves look like fools every time they say you can’t do something, then he does and it works.
  • Sound clip: People pointing out how Trump is getting it done on trade, response is that he has “damaged American leadership”
  • This is a vague and meaningless accusation.
  • Economists have a terrible track record so it’s not ridiculous to imagine someone who is good at business, even if he doesn’t agree with all the theories, might know what he’s doing.
  • Sound clip: Wilbur Ross on why when the economy is doing well is when you should be willing to take some risks.
  • Chinese are trying to influence our elections by setting their economic goals to hurt Trump in the midterms
  • Sound clip: Trump on steel workers.
  • Just because something is a little cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s the best option. There are at least trade-offs and its not clear how those will all balance out.


  • Sound clip: 4.2% is expected GDP growth [ed: ended up being 4.1%]
  • Obama created a hostile environment for business, so its not surprising that overturning regulation has boosted growth
  • Sound clip: Trump pointing out the problems with trade and China
  • Trump tweets are now being looked at by Mueller
  • Obama didn’t say “fake news” but he definitely called people out for being “divisive”
  • The deep state seems to be largely concentrated in the DOJ, who try to consider themselves a separate branch of government


  • Feminists are seeking to destroy masculinity
  • NY Times article on what feminists can do for boys (link)
  • Supposedly misogynists are on the rise and boys are being told that women’s progress is their problem
  • Feminism is a war on science and gender
  • Cultural Marxism is the idea of categorizing everyone based on perceived oppression
  • A lot of Feminism’s message is bad for women
  • Author is taking shots at Jordan Peterson for reinforcing traditional gender roles
  • The idea that there is no space for alternative male expression is utterly false. If anything traditional masculinity is getting edged out by youth culture


  • Sound clip: Claiming that Trump is purposely creating distrust in institutions, disregarding the actions that the Trump administration is taking
  • False to claim that Trump’s foreign policy is successful despite him
  • Doesn’t matter what he says ultimately if his policies are good and effective
  • Polar opposite of Obama who was very careful with his words but never did anything of consequence.
  • Sound clip: Pompeo pointing out that we have been opposed to Russia in Ukraine in quantitative, verifiable ways


  • Sound clip: Trump calling out media false narratives. Anderson Cooper claiming that this is a dictator-like thing, similar to 1984
  • Leftists are calling for shutting down media they don’t like, then getting mad at Trump for saying “don’t believe everything you hear”
  • Funny to hear Brian Williams being angry about someone calling the media liars.
  • How many dictators have their entire media apparatus trying to take them down every day and throw their families in jail? Very few.


  • Shark week is in decline.
  • Only Great Whites are really all that interesting, so all the rest is just sort of boring

1.41.14 – Roll Call


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