Episode 7/2/2018

All times are taken from the podcast.

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00.14 – Buck’s summary of today’s episode; Abolish ICE; Mexican election; North Korea

01.13 – Welcome monologue

  • New calls to Abolish ICE, along with the resurgence of socialism as typified by Ocasio-Cortez
  • Article mentioned: Slate: Why Young Democrats Are So Open To Socialism
  • Far left president elected in Mexico
  • Modern countries always tend to struggle between free market and socialism
  • Venezuela as a bad example
  • Democratic Socialists of New York City call for abolishing profit, borders, ICE, prisons and cash bail
  • Origins of ICE

13.52 – Abolishing ICE

  • Trump sound clips on the topic
  • HuffPo seems to know this is an unpopular issue
  • This would be a disaster

18.43 – Mexican election

  • Brief mention of the Reconquista
  • Possible separatist movement in California in the far future?
  • Lopez-Obrador, who the NY Times calls an atypical leftist won the election in a landslide
  • Buck speaks about the failure spiral of socialism and how it leads to the scapegoating of the successful.
  • Article mentioned: Mexico – What went wrong? by Victor Davis Hanson
  • 120 assassinations this political cycle


  • Abolish ICE montage
  • Lopez-Obrador intends to negotiate with the cartels
  • Mexico is our most pressing security concern
  • Kids used as a trojan horse to get across the border

37.31 – Supreme Court

  • Trump nominee statement sound clip
  • Collins litmus test clip
  • Libs terrified of overturning Roe v Wade
  • Jeffrey Toobin seems to be terrified of major policy changes in the wake of Kennedy’s retirement
  • If ONLY we’d have gun control repeal or the end of the regulatory state
  • Kavanaugh and Barrett seem to be leading the pack
  • Abortion should be a red line for catholics
  • Some libs calling for court packing

50.10 – Buck hates Independence Day

53.50 –

  • Ana Navarro on how bad Trump admin is and how they lie constantly
  • John Sununu on how Trump wants free trade in the end

57.00 – Are conservatives “weaponizing” the first amendment?

  • NY Times article
  • Arguments for free speech, why compelled speech is wrong
  • Why the left is so committed to abortion
  • Leftist judges make no effort to follow plain meaning of the law
  • Jordan Peterson on compelled speech
  • Liberals generally want to shut down speech they don’t like

1.07.21 – Trump is winning

  • Chuck Todd on how Trump is winning
  • Left has tried everything they can imagine to throw at Trump and are still losing
  • Bad fact checks
  • What will happen when they lose in November?
  • What does the left even stand for anymore? Maybe we could agree that some of their goals are laudable, but their methods are terrible

1.14.42 – Tariffs

  • Trump statement on tariffs
  • Sarah Huckabee-Sanders on tariffs
  • International agreement for its own sake is pointless
  • Trump is playing trade chicken
  • Market wobbles may be coming

1.24.33 – #WalkAway

1.34.29 – Jennifer Rubin is a fake conservative

  • Jennifer Rubin on how “fake news” is a call for violence against journalists
  • Totally unhinged hatred of Trump
  • Rubin’s sound clip calling for pro-choice Supreme Court pick

1.40.28 – Roll Call

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